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Finding A Wedding Reception Hall

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Utah Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

Finding a facility to host the wedding reception is an important final step in the process of marriage. The wedding hall hosts the celebration of the marriage ritual and is an opportunity for the bride and groom to be formally presented to the wedding party. The wedding hall hosts the dinner and the first dance of the newly wedded couple. It should be chosen with care to accommodate the needs of all of your wedding guests.

Most couples choose to get married in a church or some religious facility. This reflects either the deep seeded religious beliefs of the couple or their families. In some cases, the church also serves as the host of the reception. These affairs tend to be more sedate as they are reflective of the sanctity of the house of worship. The advantage here is that the cost of holding the reception at the same church where the marriage ceremony was performed may be minimal or considered part of the package.

Individuals who do not get married in a church or prefer to have a more secular wedding reception choose to go to a private facility. These halls can be in a hotel, a convention center or be a specifically designed wedding hall. Generally the average cost to rent a wedding hall or reception center us about $500, with that amount varying depending on the time of year and demand for the facility. The summer months place a much higher demand on wedding halls while winter offers some discounts.

If you choose to have a band or other forms of entertainment at your wedding, you will want to choose a hall that is large enough to facilitate them. Additionally, most weddings average between 150 to 175 guests. You need a hall with enough space to seat the wedding dinner attendees as well as space or a bar, dance floor and place for food.

The wedding hall planning should take place well in advance of the nuptials. Many facilities such as hotel halls or country clubs serve multiple purposes and the demand for these spaces is high. You will need to decide early on in the planning stage where you want to hold the reception and move quickly to secure the space with a deposit. You will have to be committed to the space because in many cases the deposit is non-refundable.

If you have, any guests with special needs, such as use of a cane or walker or are wheelchair bound, make sure that the facility can accommodate these needs. The space should also be child friendly if you expect many children at the reception. Planning for any special needs of your guests will help you avoid any embarrassments and make the wedding reception enjoyable for everyone.

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