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The Wedding Ceremony

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Utah Wedding Articles » Wedding Day Details

The wedding ceremony is the order of the program for the event. It is officiated by a minister, in the case of a religious ceremony, or a justice of the peace or judge in the case of a civil ceremony. The ceremony has a certain order and precision to it that can follow a traditional tract or be changed to reflect the mood and style of the bride and groom. There is no right way or wrong way to conduct a wedding ceremony.

In a traditional wedding ceremony, music plays throughout the time that guests arrive and are seated. Typically, the bride’s guests and family are seated on the right side of the wedding hall or church and the groom’s family to the left. Once the guests are seated, the groom’s father and mother are ushered in and seated in the front. The bride’s mother is brought in seated at the right front pew.

The wedding party enters next with a procession of bridesmaids and groomsmen. The flower girl who may drop petals of roses in the aisle follows this. The music changes to “Hear Comes the Bride” and the bride enters, led by the bride’s father. The groom waits at the front of the church to receive his bride. When this handoff takes place, the ceremony begins.

A prayer or some form of convocation begins the ceremony followed by a reading from a poem or bible passage, depending on the type of ceremony. More music and another reading follow this. In some religious ceremonies, the minister will give a brief sermon about the virtues of love, fidelity or service.

After the service, the couple will turn to the minister and he will perform the reading of the wedding vows. These can be traditional vows where the bride and groom merely repeat what the minister says or non-traditional vows that the bride and groom have written before the ceremony. Once the vows have been completed, the rings are presented and the ceremony concludes with the presentation of the bride and groom to the wedding guests.

The wedding ceremony does not have to follow the traditional model and can have variations on the theme. The most important aspect of the ceremony is the wedding vows, which signifies acceptance of the commitment between husband and wife. Once the rings have been placed on their respective fingers, barring any objections, the bride and groom are united as husband and wife.

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